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Siūlome pasimatuoti šypseną ir įvertinti būsimą rezultatą net nepradėjus gydymo.

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Bedantystės pasiūlymas

Siūlome patikimą bedantystės gydymą – dantų atkūrimą ant implantų tvirtinamais protezais.

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Our goal is to provide quality services to our patients.

Therapeutic dentistry

Therapeutic dentistry - it’s procedures where the removal of dental tissues damaged by caries and restoration with aesthetic filling material, in order to restore the dental caused by caries and non-caries origin defects.

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Oral hygiene

The condition of our oral hygiene is an inherent part of our health and general well-being.

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Teeth whitening

The color tone of our teeth is determined by the mixture of factors: genes, traumas in the past, our diet and smoking habits.

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Dental implantation

Dental implants are structures, which imitates form and function of teeth, attached in the the spot of the former tooth in the jaw bone.

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Bedantystės gydymas

Bedantystės gydymas – daugumo ar visų dantų atkūrimas ant implantų tvirtinamais protezais.

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Dental prosthesis is teeth restoration method using materials, from which artificial teeth or other components of dentures are produced in the laboratory.

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