Aesthetic restoration is a procedure, performed to restore the original teeth layers using minimal intervention of polishing. Achievements during the recent decades in dentistry allows to perform teeth-friendly treatment procedures. Aesthetic restoration procedure is painless and fast.

It also doesn’t cause any discomfort for the patients. It’s because the consist of materials used during the procedure is very similar to our natural dental issues. These materials react identically to the thermal irritants as our teeth.

While performing this procedure, the teeth structure of the specific person is being replicated, the color of the restoration material matching other teeth is being selected, natural teeth multi-layering is being formed, damaged by decay, chipped, misaligned teeth as well as their color and form is being restored. Crooked teeth are being lined up by restoring entire row of the teeth, gaps between teeth are fixed, and the missing tissues are being replaced, using natural color of healthy teeth fillings. During one appointment 4-6 teeth could be restored, so most of the times it’s all, what it takes to get back to the satisfaction of natural teeth and endless smiling.