During endodontic treatment procedures dental root canal and the bone around the top of the roots treatment is performed. The tooth is comprised of the top layer, which is covered with the white enamel and thick layer, called dentin. Dentin has soft element inside, which is called pulp. It’s composed of blood vessels, nerves and connecting tissue.

The pulp is located between the tooth’s crown extending all the way to the end of roots, which are connected with the surrounding tissues. Endodontic treatment is needed when the pulp is affected by inflammation or it’s infected. If these symptoms are not treated, eventually the pain appears and the tooth starts abscessing.

It takes a couple of days to fully recover the sense of healthy teeth, and they tend to be a bit more sensitive during that period. Especially if the pain was present before the procedure. But the pain could be easily quelled by using the medicine, prescribed by our staff.

The only alternative to this procedure - the extraction of tooth. Still, the best option is to save your natural teeth, because they can’t be fully replaced. Notably, when modern endodontic treatment is exceptionally reliable and lasting.