Periodontitis – is the inflammatory process in the tooth surrounding tissues, which often is developing slowly and doesn’t cause any pain. In the beginning disorder occurs with the inflammation of the gums, called gingvitis, when the patient starts complaining about the bleeding and swelling gums.

If it occurs, during the examination, the gums turn to pink - blue color, starts to bleed very easily, however there are no changes of surrounding tooth bone in the X-ray. If untreated, gingvitis inflammation process involve periodontal ligament, alveolus bone, tooth root cement - periodontitis is starting to develop. Teeth gums start to bleed badly or crowded, teeth become flexible, pain occurs, patient may feel bad mouth smell, discomfort while eating.

The main goal of the treatment - to eliminate the inflammation. It’s reached implementing these stages:

  • Professional oral hygiene. During the procedure dental plaque is wiped out and dental calculus is removed, dental surface is being polished and smoothed.
  • Conservative treatment. Dental curettage (small surgical procedure during which periodontal pockets are cleaned).
  • Surgical treatment. Surgical periodontal disease treatment
  • Maintenance treatment. In order to prevent the renewal of the disease, the patient should be visiting oral hygiene specialist every 1-3 months, and periodontologist every 6 months.