Dental prosthesis is teeth restoration method using materials, from which artificial teeth or other components of dentures are produced in the laboratory.

In our clinic we use two main types of dentures: fixed and removable. Fixed dentures could be one of the following:

  • Plastic crowns and bridges. They are so called ‘temporary’ dentures, because of the short-lived plastic properties.
  • Metal ceramic crown. One of the most popular type of dentures in Lithuania and developed countries.
  • Metal-free ceramic crown. In the making process of these measures, metal is not used. Therefore, transparent ceramic frame of these dentures look more naturally and nicer.
  • Dental veneers and inlays. This construction group is called micro-dentures. These procedures are for the removal of small defects of one tooth.

In our clinic we also use removable dentures. They could serve as a temporary or permanent substitute. Removable dentures are made by individual order restoration measure. They need to be taken out and cleaned periodically. They are relatively cheap and are made fast.