Therapeutic dentistry - it’s procedures where the removal of dental tissues damaged by caries and restoration with aesthetic filling material, in order to restore the dental caused by caries and non-caries origin defects.

Aesthetic filling provides the correct anatomical shape, color and chewing function by using high quality filling materials, which replace mechanically damaged tissues. This traditional (non-surgical) treatment method preserves the viability of tooth’s nerves and prevents further damage and complications. When caries has only affected the teeth surface, usually patients do not feel any discomfort or just a slight sensitivity to sweet food may occur. When caries appears in the advanced stage, dental cavities grow to midsize, sensitivity to thermal irritants, sweet food occur. When caries is even more advanced, the teeth become sensitive to the same irritants, but the food might also starts to stuck in the formed cavities.

Preventive check is recommended every 6 months.